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Virtual Consultations

As global practitioners, we are offering a range of virtual consultations to our patients, providing care, support and advice to people from the comfort of their own home all over the world. Many people suffering from muscular or joint pain and injuries are unable to leave their house to seek out care for their pain. Hands on care is a small part of what Chiropractors are able to offer, and we have been able to utilize our skills in Pain Management to offer an online Pain Management Coaching, which is particularly effective for those who have been living with persistent, ongoing pain. Being able to receive support from home is vital for the many who may have transport, time or mobility constraints, or those whose pain is so severe they may be otherwise unable to travel to an in-person appointment.

The virtual consultation involves a live video assessment with Dr. Neda Nafei using Zoom, WhatsApp video, FaceTime video, all depending on the offered video chatting services available in your country. During this evaluation, we will discuss your pain and/or injury and help identify the best exercises or other pain management tools to get you out of pain and moving better. Dr Neda Nafei with 30 years of experience is an expert in the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and management of pain and injuries related to the muscles and joints in the body. Most of what we do in your chiropractic appointments isn’t about the hands on adjustments. It is about helping you manage the pain and the injury through advice and coaching, exercise prescription and pain management ideas etc.

The cost of the initial consultation is $150 and any follow up appointment is $100.